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How does it work.

In the simplest of terms when air conditioning is cooling it’s working like your fridge and when it’s heating it’s just working in reverse.
 While the air inside is your fridge is cold, the coil (grill) at the back of the fridge actually gets quite warm at times. This heat has been extracted from inside the fridge and transferred outside by the refrigerant in the system.
A Heat Pump, air conditioning system although a little more complex than a fridge works in the same way, when heating it's extracting heat energy from outside and bringing it in. This energy already exists in the outside air so you dont pay to produce it, in fact for every 1KW of energy you spend you can actually achieve 3KW of heat energy for your home, +300% efficiant, reducing costs. When cooling you will notice the outdoor unit is expelling warm air which has been extracted from inside, again the system is not producing any cold air but simply extracting the heat energy from inside.
Is it noisy?
How does a Climate Control System / air conditioning save money?
Is refrigerant gas dangerous for the environment?
How quick will it start up?

Most refrigerants used in new systems are now harmless to the ozone layer and have a reduced greenhouse effect.


As an F Gas registered company we are duty bound to ensure minimal environmental harm. Modern systems are designed to operate without loosing any gas to the atmosphere and at the end of the systems life cycle the gas can be recyled into new equipment.


Almost instantly.

Depending on when it was last used, the  air conditioning system can start immediately.

As soon as it starts warm (or cooled) air will circulate the room very quickly and then the temperature you chose will be maintained automatically.

A radiator system may take half an hour to warm a room; climate control systems will have it just right in minutes.

No. Air conditioning systems are incredibly quiet


Units start at below 25db indoors so are actually quieter than a standard fan and 50db outdoors at peak fan speeds  this is about equal to a quiet conversation.


Scroll fans (used indoors) are extremely quiet.


Modern developments mean that inverter heat pumps can heat or cool your home at very low cost.


Heat pumps use the energy already in the atmosphere by simply moving that energy from one place to another. When you are heating your home the energy is moved from outside to in and when cooling the reverse happens. So as you do not acutally need to create heat the system can run at about 1\3rd the cost of a standard heating appliance.


1KW input to 3KW heat output.

Saving as much as 66% on energy bills


Where can I put air conditioning?

Just about anywhere

From a full multi office complex to the garden shed, there is a system that will match any need.

Thanks to the very latest almost silent compressors there are now systems that can be installed with no outdoor unit allowing a whole new range of applications including upgrading hotel rooms with zero down time.

Perhaps you are considering a new garden room or an extension for example, you can save on installing heating and enjoy air conditioning in the summer.


Or converting any room in the house to an annex that required separate heating?

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