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Installation will vary depending on the property however a single unit will usually be installed in a single day. Larger systems can work out less than a day per indoor unit.


How long will it take to install?

As a general rule a unit that provides an equivalent of 4KW of heat energy will do so using less than 1.0KW of electrical power. But more than that, once a room is up to temperature the system will reduce power output and monitor the room and then maintain temperature with the minimum output possible. It will react quickly to events like doors opening and changing the temperature as well as having an extremely fast room warm up time saving the need to have the heating on for long periods before you want to use the room.


How efficient exactly?

A split air conditioning system has an outdoor unit and an indoor unit; these can be from 2 Metres to 50 Metres apart connected by two very small diameter pipes and a control cable so access can be limited to a 2" hole which will be left trimmed and tidy. The pipe run can be housed in its own channel or hidden in the structure of the building. An out building will often be installed with minimal internal pipe work.

Quite new to the market there are all in one units that have no outside equipment and no pipe run.

Is it a messy installation?
How does it compare to a gas heated
blown air heating?

 Climate control systems & air conditioners heat the air by passing it over a coil that is warmer than the room temperature but never very hot and as such do not produce condensation during heating as a gas fired system might. When cooling, the humidification is reduced as the warm air passes over the cooler coil condensation is then removed via the pipe run to the outside.

Since the fuel price rise A like for like cost estimate would be about 60 to 75% of the running cost of a gas boiler type set up.

This is a question that is difficult to answer honestly as we just don’t know how you will use it. We believe that the savings on heating would outweigh the cost of cooling in the summer months and we know that due to the systems quick response times you do not need to set the system to come on hours before you wish to use the room, this will enable savings on your running costs.

A well installed heat pump will produce up to 4KW of heat energy for every 1KW of power used as most of the heat used is taken from the atmosphere, and is free.


How much will I save on my bills?

Climate control systems are generally very simple to maintain in a similar way that your fridge freezer is.

There is an air filter that will require cleaning periodically and an inspection of the outer unit to ensure it’s clean and free from leaves etc is advised. A regular service is a sensible approach to maintaining your systems efficiency. Air2serve will inform you of service costs for your choice of equipment at your request.

What about servicing?
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