Air conditioning for the Home

 Air conditioning systems can now heat your home as well as cooling it. the energy an AC system requires to make up to 3.5KW of heat is just 1KW, during the winter months you can reduce your energy bills substantially.  When it comes to those hot summer months you can cool your home in the full knowledge that you have reduced your overall energy bill and therefore your carbon footprint considerably and all the while the air in your home is being filtered to provide an improved air quality.


While there are many different types of air conditioning, they can be broken down into a few simple types.


·        Wall mounted

·        Floor standing

·        Ceiling mounted

·        Ducted

.        All in one


Each system type has its own benefits and can have single or multi units installed.


Wall Mounted; is by far the most popular type of air conditioning, especially for homes. It is the simplest installation and therefore very easy to retrofit. The indoor unit can come in many different designs and power ranges and is joined to the outdoor unit via small diameter pipe work and cables.


Floor standing; is similar to the wall mounted system except the indoor units sit at floor level, these systems are generally used when high level wall space is at a premium such as conservatories and orangery areas.


Ceiling mounted; (Cassette’s) most commonly used in offices and areas that have false or suspended ceilings, they have from 1 to 4 outlets per cassette and can be more central in a room helping to distribute air more evenly in large areas. A few brands now have "Under Ceiling Cassettes" which are a slim fitting cassette for areas with solid ceilings.


Ducted; This where a systems indoor unit operates within an unseen space and the air travels to the room (s) via ducting and grills. This type of system is usually designed into a building during construction or in the case of commercial buildings the ducting usually travels above ceiling tiles to outlet grills positioned in the ceiling.

All in one; This is  a single unit that houses both the indoor and outdoor systems (the latest models are very quiet)  They can be installed in areas that an outdoor unit is not possible such as flats, listed buildings & hotel rooms. Very easy to retro-fit and can be installed into Hotel rooms with no downtime or loss of room income. Usually no redecorations required.