Air conditioning Lounge
Silent / Wi Fi Control/ No Outdoor Unit.
Commercial & Domestic Systems
  • Offices

  • Hotels (zero down time system available)

  • Workshops

  • Homes

  • Factories

  • Singles to Multi unit systems

  • Garden Rooms

  • Efficient Heating, Powerful Cooling 

Air2serve is an F Gas regulated company and therefore uses only F Gas certificated engineers.

Air conditioning all in one


all in one system.

  • No outdoor unit, slim design

  • Minimal downtime on installation

  • Ideal for:

  • Conservatory's, out buildings

  • Hotel Rooms (very fast installation,  minimum down time, quiet operation)

  • Listed Buildings

  • Shops

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Whats involved?
If you're planning for A/C or Heat Pumps

At your request and free of charge we provide an assessor to help you to choose a system that best suits you. The style you want and system requirements will be designed to match your heating & cooling needs.

Then we will provide you with a "fixed price" quotation for the system of your choice including installation. 



Single units are usually installed within one day, more complex systems would take longer, you would be advised of an expected time frame with your quotation. Following installation and testing we will take you through the operating procedure.

Your system will be under manufacturer’s warrantee.

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